Friday, August 19, 2011

unesco world heritage sites, penang, malaysia

penang, malaysia is a wonderful town,
full of history and good eats - you'll never frown.
so many beautiful buildings carefully reserved,
to showcase british and malaysian design splendidly preserved. 

street corner

kapitan keling mosque

dilapidated colonial row home

st. george's chruch, anglican

wall carving

clock tower

playing british at fort cornwallis

overlooking the strait of malacca, fort cornwallis

city park gate

penang city hall

coastal esplanade

calling to say "helo"

penang town hall

kong hock keong temple, buddhist

bicycle truck

sri maha-mariamman temple, hindu

penang harbor

georgetown offices

painted doors

lanterns hanging outside chinese temple

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Mr. and Mrs. Pike said...

we want to see the monkeys! but, we loved these shots too. can we travel the world with you too?