Saturday, August 20, 2011

in the jungle, penang, malaysia

one overcast day we went to penang hill,
to sneak a peak at the view and enjoy calm and still.
after looking around we decided to walk,
to the botanical gardens of which we'd heard a lot of talk. 
we began the 5 kilometres across and down,
when a downpour started - we thought we'd drown.
we waited the storm with some locals under cover,
chit chatted about the economy while monkeys began to hover.
the rain subsided, we finished our climb,
down hundreds of stairs to a scene sublime -
a troop of monkeys came out from the trees,
swarming around garbage cans like a colony of bees.
they walked right among us unafraid, on their quest,
until they found food, after which they would sit and rest.

view of the cable car track

view of penang

a millipede - seen on our hike

penang jungle

waiting out the rainstorm

from trees to red sand

we climbed many of these tree stairways

the monkeys!

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