Friday, July 22, 2011

blue plate diner, slc, utah

my last morning in the states was happily spent,
eating amazing foods that were heavenly sent.
blue plate diner is the slc place for breakfast treats,
that are so delicious you won't want to leave your seat.

photo by nathan

photo by william

photo by hiram

photo by liz

"cranberry juice" by william

Sunday, July 10, 2011

wright family reunion, ut

more family time, hip hip hooray!
immediate and extended family to play with everyday.
we drove up and down salt lake valley to see them one and all,
laughter, food, fun and games, we truly had a ball.

visiting with matt's grandparents

meeting matt's newest niece

matt's second newest niece

playing in the park

making signs for our runners

matt and amanda finishing the hobbler half

the finished racer

our friend betsey, from hk, also ran the marathon!

hill aerospace museum

Monday, July 4, 2011

lau family reunion, soda springs, id

hooray for family, hooray for fun.
lots of activities and a rustic lodge for when the day was done.
baptisms, baby blessings, parades, fireworks, food, and birthday games,
each time we get together it is so different, yet everything the same.

mr. lau and mr. jones were baptised in the snake river

at the parade 

collecting candy at the parade

happy 70th birthday mom!

our rustic mountain lodge

miss turner's baby blessing - technically in riverton, ut

beautiful double rainbow

Friday, July 1, 2011

ten thousand buddhas monastery, sha tin, hk

on our anniversary to sha tin we went to see
buddhas of all varieties, even shaped like you and me.
10,000 buddhas monastery was meant to be a university,
but instead became a place of buddha statue diversity.
buddhas on the hillside, littering the 400 steps to the top,
buddhas in the buildings and rocks, it seems they never stop!

happy anniversary, hk

19 states
17 day long road trip
10 countries
4 homes
3 moves
2 jobs (each)
1 year

happy anniversary!

p.s. happy anniversary to the HK SAR too.