Friday, December 30, 2011

jamestown, va

collision of cultures, east meeting west
where hearty frontiersmen were put to the test
we saw how they lived, we walked in their shoes
we felt for ourselves the conquistador blues
life on a ship, then life on the land
creating a legacy that forever would stand
oh jamestown we thank you for lessons you've taught
some good, some bad, all with honesty fraught

jones kids outside indian hut

matt is contemplating a switch to a bed of skins

half-naked fire man

making a basket

rooster in the woods
docked boats

everything old is new again; matt thinks this fashion would totally take off in asia

williamsburg, va

rat a tat tat and a rum de tum tum
the thrill of the fife and the call of the drum
hark back to the past when our country was new
and helpful convenience was clearly to few
the burg of old william, where tom used to walk
dotted with taverns where folks sat to talk
sally lunn bread and wreaths hung with care
an old timey christmas surrounded us there

the whole clan

in the stocks

church and cemetery 

capital building

little girl and little boy waiting outside the bakery

fife and drums

gardens at the governor's mansion

governor's mansion

colonial man on a horse

william and mary college

sample of photo session with pike family

last night of fife and drums

Monday, December 26, 2011

old town alexandria, va

rainy monday, facing the mirror
a contest of laughter soon did appear
who was the victor, who won the crown? 
see for yourself as you scroll your way down
and then to a factory where torpedoes were made
transformed to a spot where artists get paid

funny face contest with matt and little girl

the torpedo factory, now art village

Friday, December 23, 2011

winter wondeland, salt lake city, ut

they say when you wed in december
it's a time you will always remember
the love that abounds when family's around
and glow from the snow marks the ground

combined with holidays and lots of good food
puts everyone in a "wright" cheerful mood
instead of a visit from st. nick with his deer
on antelope island we saw buffalo clear

mom and dad wright with the bride

wright siblings

birthday cake for jesus

christmas story reenactment with porter family

miss madilyn

looking out onto great salt lake from antelope isle

buffalo on antelope island