Thursday, March 31, 2011

pearl river walk, guangzhou, china

our first night in guangzhou a stroll we did take,
first around sun yat sen university, for great scholars they make.
then we found ourselves along the pearl river bed,
where we saw badminton played and dance lessons being led.
we also passed an outdoor movie and lots of lights,
roller skaters, street food and many other sights.
several miles later we finished our walk,
grateful for insights to how the locals eat, play and talk.

at the university with sun yat sen

dance class in a park square

lights along the river

more lights and a river boat

outdoor movie

lights on the bridge

roller skate street rental

Saturday, March 26, 2011

tst earth hour, hk

after dim sum we went to tst,
the weather was cool, clear and slightly misty.
we went to see the light show but realized on the way,
the lights would be off as it was earth hour day.
luckily for us not long after we arrived,
the hour ended and lights came on - what a surprise!

dim sum square, sheung wan, hk

we had a visit
from richard on his way to
china for business

we went to dinner
at dim sum square for delicious
treats and small dishes

Thursday, March 17, 2011

victoria park, hk

hong kong flower show
"symphony of flowers" theme
for 10 days in march

numerous flowers
21 countries display
featuring music

if you go at night
in wet, cold, rainy weather
you enjoy alone