Sunday, August 21, 2011

movie locations, penang, malaysia

anna and the king
the one with jodie foster
was filmed in penang

our trishaw driver
took us to see the places
we went back again

our trishaw driver

this street was used for scenes from downtown siam

the house used for exterior shots of jodie foster's house

Saturday, August 20, 2011

in the jungle, penang, malaysia

one overcast day we went to penang hill,
to sneak a peak at the view and enjoy calm and still.
after looking around we decided to walk,
to the botanical gardens of which we'd heard a lot of talk. 
we began the 5 kilometres across and down,
when a downpour started - we thought we'd drown.
we waited the storm with some locals under cover,
chit chatted about the economy while monkeys began to hover.
the rain subsided, we finished our climb,
down hundreds of stairs to a scene sublime -
a troop of monkeys came out from the trees,
swarming around garbage cans like a colony of bees.
they walked right among us unafraid, on their quest,
until they found food, after which they would sit and rest.

view of the cable car track

view of penang

a millipede - seen on our hike

penang jungle

waiting out the rainstorm

from trees to red sand

we climbed many of these tree stairways

the monkeys!

Friday, August 19, 2011

unesco world heritage sites, penang, malaysia

penang, malaysia is a wonderful town,
full of history and good eats - you'll never frown.
so many beautiful buildings carefully reserved,
to showcase british and malaysian design splendidly preserved. 

street corner

kapitan keling mosque

dilapidated colonial row home

st. george's chruch, anglican

wall carving

clock tower

playing british at fort cornwallis

overlooking the strait of malacca, fort cornwallis

city park gate

penang city hall

coastal esplanade

calling to say "helo"

penang town hall

kong hock keong temple, buddhist

bicycle truck

sri maha-mariamman temple, hindu

penang harbor

georgetown offices

painted doors

lanterns hanging outside chinese temple

street food, penang, malaysia

malaysia is the best place to eat,
off the street many delicious treats.
all kinds of roti, noodles and rice,
everything delicious for very little price.

roti canai

roti telur bawang - egg and onion

char kway teow

murtabak ayam

roti bom - roti with sweetened condensed milk and butter. yum!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

sai kung, new territories, hk

on a sunday afternoon we took a short journey,
to the hong kong countryside known as sai kung.
we strolled the boardwalk after dinner with friends,
where children played and songs were sung.

we saw the local fishermen sell fish from their boats,
and outside of restaurants too.
others found delight from the ice cream truck,
or taking ferries into the waters blue.