Wednesday, January 26, 2011

dhl balloon, hk

nicole had tickets to ride a balloon,
of the tethered sort colored in yellow and maroon.
if the weather is clear and the wind not too strong,
 100 meters you may rise above the city throng.
for 12 minutes enjoy grand harbor scenes,
then return to the ground and back to your daily means.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

big buddha, hk

big buddha is big
once the world's tallest outdoor
bronze seated buddha

upon arrival
climb over 200 steps
to lotus platform

Saturday, January 1, 2011

tst new year's parade, hk

hong kong set to break a world record on new year's day,
they gathered to make the world's largest lion dance display.
we met our friends at tst to watch this great parade,
complete with 1,111 lions - it was a lion dance serenade.
big ones, short ones, black, red and white,
each lion and it's team was quite an amazing sight.
afterward, they danced on poles as lions often do,
maybe if we are brave we'll try that one day too!

avenue of the stars, hk

hong kong is home to famous people, it's true,
and rightly so they have an avenue of the stars too.
come here to see bruce lee, jet li, jackie chan and more,
and find views of the harbor and city skyline you've been looking for!