Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ogden, ut

ogden nickel cade
mom and dad try ddr
us on little rides

Saturday, August 28, 2010

idaho falls, id

to idaho falls
a walk along the river
view of the temple

Friday, August 27, 2010

jackson hole, wy

cattle herding is what we saw on our way to jackson hole,
and into the snake river from a cliff rocks we did throw and roll.
once arrived, there was a big foot sighting,
as well as cowboy shooting and fighting.
take your picture by the antlers in town square,
then say, "farewell! until i return you better take good care."

taken from the car window

we met a new zealand couple who threw rocks with us too

matt thought he was tall until he met big foot

cowboy rough housing

family portrait

Thursday, August 26, 2010

lava hot springs, id

the neighboring town of lava hot springs,
is known for just that - pockets of warm water things.
but most people don't know in a converted gas station,
one will find some of the best thai food in the nation.
riverwalk thai food will put you in the mood,
for affordable and fast scrumptious thai food.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

chesterfield, id

a small western village frozen in time,
where treats from the holbrook brick store still cost a dime.
come visit to see an early lds pioneer and oregon trail settlement,
built by frontiersman humble and intelligent.

denmark jensen house

preserves in the root cellar (restored to original condition as an eagle scout project)

welcome sign

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

soda springs, id

soda springs, idaho
dad's hometown, brother's new home
lots of favorites

must see the gyser
and drugstore fountain sodas
walk the family farm

world's only man made geyser 

eastman drugstore fountain sodas

waking the family land

farm cabin and sheep herder's wagon

Monday, August 23, 2010

four corners, usa

in one place out west
four states do come together
be in all at once

take many pictures
meet people from your home state
enjoy scenery

friends from lewes, de!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

pecos, nm

in the sleepy town of pecos one will find,
ruins of a very special kind.
the pecos pueblo was occupied for over 400 years,
during which the spanish built a mission to calm relgious fears.
but the pecos people did not like spanish rule or tradition,
and soon banded together in the form of sedition.
eventually the spanish left as did the pecos people too,
and now these ruins are all that's left for me and you to view.

wall ruins

spanish mission

outside spanish ruins with the joneses

pueblo kiva

Saturday, August 21, 2010

santa fe, nm

santa fe,
are you there?
do you swear you won't forget me?
if i found you would you come and let me stay?
all i needs a few more dollars,
and i'm outa here to stay,
dreams come true,
yes they do,
in santa fe.
(from newsies)

matt sang the above song the entire time we visited.
he decided dreams do come true in santa fe.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

sandia tram and mountains, nm

 riding the sandia tram simply is a blast, 
the world's longest tramway ascends 4,000 feet very fast.
upon reaching the top there are many spectacular views,
including the valley landscape of homes arranged in mews.
want  to see it all?  then climb up top the cabin made of stone,
don't worry - it's not too strenuous and won't make you moan.
when you've seen enough take the tram back down,
to enjoy the other treasures found around town.
(like sopapillas!)

views from the stone cabin
they call it the land of enchantment
pretty meadow on the way to the cabin

albuquerque, new mexico

it took us a day
to get to albuquerque
but we did arrive

then babysitting
the kids over the weekend
while mom and dad left

the fun soon began
with a walk to the temple
such a gorgeous place

next, pick up emma
aquarium and gardens
in the hot hot heat

candy and a band
entertained us in old town
then went home to rest

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

houston, tx

the ctiy of houston has many wonderful treasures,
to please residents and visitors they go to great measures.
for example, by the galleria you'll find the williams water wall,
where 11,000 gallons spill each minute to create this waterfall.
lord of the rings fans may visit the hobbit cafe to eat,
paying homage to all things tolkien as well as tasty treats.
if vegetarian hobbit fare is not what you seek,
try some southern barbeque with cousins hip and sheek.
houston has much to offer - great food, family, friends, shopping and fun,
who will keep you happily occupied until your visit is done.

it's a really big water wall

matt's favorite stop on our trip

bbq dinner with the steed family

galveston, tx

when we arrived in texas to the beach we went,
a sunny morning and afternoon in galveston was spent.
we settled on the beach and matt left to take a dip
i soon joined him for what would be a quick trip,
suddenly out of the blue by a jelly fish i was stung,
and instantly onto matt's neck and body i hung.
after carrying me out of the water and nursing the sting,
i was ready to hop, skip, jump and sing.
we ate our picnic lunches and then went downtown,
for the finest ice cream sodas and sundaes around.

playing on the beach, jelly fish sting

enjoying our ice cream

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

omaha, ne

hey guys!

friday night ice cream
yummy custard ate by all
may we have seconds?

it was really great custard!

but after dessert
some of us take a field trip
to warren b's house

drove to neighborhood
pulled into driveway to view
his house across street

went to the corner
pulled into driveway to view
his house across street

wait!  that was his house
we stop and get out to see
security guard

back in the car now!
drive away very quickly
to a close side street

must have a picture
but how?  only two shall go
to walk by, snap shot

the walk soon begins
we stop to take the picture
when the guard comes out

walk away quickly!
hope the others come back soon
walk quickly, walk, walk

the others find us in car
as we run we hear

"hey guys!" and "hey guys!"
is it the guard calling us?
hurry, drive away

after pulling into the driveway twice the security guard thought we were creepy.
the one not so hot picture we snapped of mr. buffet's abode.

Monday, August 16, 2010

winter quarters, ne

next to nebraska we went,
to visit family past and present.
at the mormon pioneer cemetery we learned our relative is a celebrity,
great grandmother amy porter who is said to be so kind and pretty.
hers is the only original pioneer made headstone remaining,
and everyone knows where it is - even the missionaries in training.
underneath her name are the initials of her twins who also passed,
joseph and benjamin, who after their mother's death did not long last.


drove through iowa
standing water and flooding
everywhere we went

Sunday, August 15, 2010

suburban il (film tour)

john hughes tour

famous director
of 80s classic movies
filmed in chicago

visited the sights
from home alone and ferris
took tourist pictures

church featured in home alone

home alone house

high school from ferris bueller's day off

cameron frye's home from ferris bueller's day off

Saturday, August 14, 2010

oak park, il

in eighteen hundred and eighty-nine,
nine miles outside the city chicago so fine,
frank lloyd wright built a family home
complete with open spaces for his children to roam.
as the years went by, he added a studio too,
where he created houses and building which are beautiful to view.
during our chicago visit we went to explore,
by joining the frank lloyd wright home and studio tour.

frank lloyd wright oak park home

outside the studio

peeking from behind the pillar