Monday, July 4, 2011

lau family reunion, soda springs, id

hooray for family, hooray for fun.
lots of activities and a rustic lodge for when the day was done.
baptisms, baby blessings, parades, fireworks, food, and birthday games,
each time we get together it is so different, yet everything the same.

mr. lau and mr. jones were baptised in the snake river

at the parade 

collecting candy at the parade

happy 70th birthday mom!

our rustic mountain lodge

miss turner's baby blessing - technically in riverton, ut

beautiful double rainbow


Steph said...

Fun to hang out with your family. Cool to get baptized in a river. Happy Birthday to your Mom. Welcome back to America.

Love to see pics of your family. It just makes me happy. I'm glad all is well!

Deedles said...

Looks like so much fun how awesome they got baptized in a river!

Papa Parrish said...

So glad to get in some family time via the blogs. So glad it was a great reunion. Auntie L