Tuesday, August 14, 2012

bangkok, thailand

bangkok, oriental setting
and the city don't know what the city is getting
the creme de la creme of babies
who will coo, woo and call you maybe

four days, around the town
with mango sticky rice, there are no frowns
markets, palaces, silk, parks at night
a most delightful place to which we've taken flight

chatuchak weekend market - a little bit of everything

our spoils from the market - sans baby

jim thompson house - savior of thai silk industry & delaware native!

lumphini park - where the church was dedicated in thailand

trying to work off some mango sticky rice

muscle men lifting weights at night in the park

old bangkok - grand palace and wat pho

water taxi to grand palace

i hope this man likes his job - there was a long line to take photos with him!

wat pho or temple of the reclining buddha (43 meters in length)

he's one long buddha!

along the grounds at wat pho

taking the train to hua hin

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