Tuesday, September 13, 2011

moon festival, tai hang, hk

in honour of the mid-autumn festival each year,
a 70-metre fire dragon scares away all fears.
meet in tai hang close to causeway bay,

wait for the dragon to appear, lighting the alley way.

watch the dragon's head turn around

and watch the body pass,

be sure to wait to the very end

and see the tail turn very fast!

once the dragon has disappeared down another street,

run very fast with the crowd so you'll be sure to meet,

the dragon on another road,

it's amazing how they carry the load!

watch many people snap pictures with each other and the dragon,

while others carry fire-lit lanterns

or heavy drums on wagons.

many lanterns hang all around victoria park,

it's amazing none of them spit or spark!

guinness's world record was made with lanterns placed like a fish,

taking a picture together was matt's favourite wish.

there were many more lanterns, like these made to look like flowers,

with an evening like this, one won't return home sour.


M. Gordon said...

Chasing down the fire dragon with Michelle = best night ever!

Kelly Wright said...

Loved the pictures-how fun for both of you

Papa Parrish said...

This looks like one long fabulous honeymoon to me! AuntieL