Friday, April 29, 2011

jeju do, south korea

jeju island is quite exquisite,
a common place for honeymooners to visit.
we spent much time outside,
as there are many natural beauties you cannot hide.
a volcanic crater, waterfalls, and mountain hike,
made this a trip we surely did like.

ilchulbong volcanic crater

at the crater

on the crater

backside of crater

lady divers gathering seaweed, abalone

lady diver inspecting her finds

cheonjeyeon waterfall


visiting with a dol hareubang - god of protection

cheonjiyeon waterfall

at the batting cages

at the top of hallasan - the highest mountain in south korea

top of hallasan again - yes that is ice!

making our way down the mountain

we stayed at the same b&b as matt's friends!

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