Wednesday, November 3, 2010

deep water bay, hk

many firms, banks and businesses in hong kong own swanky boats,
also called junks, along the various harbours and bays they do float.
one week night i was pleasantly surprised with a trip to the dock,
where matt and i boarded the junk for dinner and evening talk.
we traveled to deep water bay for a catered meal,
made just for us by the shipmates with great zeal.
after filling our tummies and enjoying the evening sky on deck,
back to the shore we eventually did begin our trek.
come to hong kong, and we'll take you on the junk too,
for a lovely meal and some delightful evening views.

the deck

half of our lovely meal

on the junk in front of the famous "jumbo" floating restaurant

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Papa Parrish said...

What a handsome jet set couple, seeing the world and the adventures therein. Auntie L