Friday, October 15, 2010

lamma island, hk

we wanted to break away for our friday night date,
and find something scrumptious upon our dinner plate.
we headed to the pier and found an available ferry,
that travels to lamma island - a place that makes people merry.
along the way we saw the city lit up in lights,
and we knew this was going to be a fabulous night.
as we walked onto land we passed the bicycle lot,
for on this island people walk or bike - cars are a not.
after a delightful seafood and cream soda meal,
we went exploring around town and found properties ideal.
our evening away left us wishing for more island time,
for our getaway sure was an evening sublime.


Deedles said...

What fun!

Nicole said...

1. You are a very good poet!
2. That top pic is perfect. Beautiful!
3. Love the cream soda next to the chopsticks. :)
4. Glad you two had a fun evening out of the bustling city!